Teens – Food & Moods

Do you have young teens in your home.  Do you dread the years that are to follow?

Well it all depends on what your young teens are eating.

Think of it like this …. it is a fact –  that the liver plays a huge part in the production of the quality of hormones … we know that the hormones are on full alert when our children go through puberty.  Normally your young teen will want to have soda’s, burgers & sweets (be it chocolate, ice cream or cakes/biscuits etc)

This puts a strain on the pancreas which also affects the quality of the liver. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine .. there is an emotion to the liver … it is anger.

Now you might think I am talking absolute dribble …. but think about it … an alcoholic is very temperamental … teens are moody and short tempered too … because the liver is suppose to be active and ready to kick start the pituitary gland (which is in the brain) so that it can start producing the required hormones….

Now we might not want to start fighting with our young teens and let them be and eat what they like… it is not helping them in the least.

The liver quality feeds the muscles and the tendons … if we have boys … we know how they grow and that their muscles start becoming more pronounced and start loosing the baby fat … if the liver is of low quality it cannot feed the muscles and tendons properly….

Which can result to sports injuries … one after the other ….

With the girls …. they will start puberty and with their menstrual cycle .. the one thing that will start is the sugar cravings .. which most moms will be able to relate to and say it is normal … it can be normal but that doesn’t make it right …

By putting the pancreas under strain … and having insulin imbalances affects the ‘type’ of period the girl will have and maybe keep having ….

I have like 3 different subject here … and am restricted on my writing … so if anyone out there is interested …. write me a post and I will cover the girls side …the boys side … and the food side altogether ….

Something to think on … the medical people have finally agreed that putting young girls on the contraceptive pill early … only increases their chances of suffering from PCOS & endometriosis – and that only increases their chance of battling with infertility in the future … so why not help our teens for THEIR future ….

Chat soon … S