Sugar & Homones & the Body

Sugar is one of the worst legal drugs in today’s time.

We see more and more children being diagnosed with diabetes or even insulin resistant than ever before.  Sadly the diabetic clinics are stuck in a rut and not considering the whole body.  I will not pin point one specific diabetic clinic or diabetic specialist – but all I would like to encourage people out there and parents out there to do is ……..  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH !!!

What your specialist says is purely ‘their’ suggestion and can only guide you according to their knowledge or even, sometimes, their belief system.

I guess I am doing the same ….. but again …. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH … make an informed decision.

I am not asking for people out there to be rude or disrespectful – Just do your own homework – this is your child’s body (and future) you are dealing with.

In Wales they have banned sugar in vending machines in hospitals.

Boston – the youth are asking to ban sugary drinks and items containing high sugar in hospitals and clinics.

Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, says that sugar should have its own warning labels – much like tabacco & alcohol products.

Think how long did it take society to finally put the tabacco warning labels on and make it law?

Was it 20 yrs ? 30 yrs? Longer?

So back to making your own informed decision.

A lot of parents feel that they don’t want to ‘deprive’ their child of a ‘treat’ eg. chocolate, sweets, muffins cakes, etc etc.

But it is the same as lighting a cigarette with your child – at the age of 8, after a meal because YOU feel it is a treat !! Or pouring a tot of whiskey (or two) with your 8 yr old – simply cos we (as adults) have it.

I know the above sounds completely ridiculous and stupid and no parent would do that … but why would you think that SUGAR or sugary items is any more acceptable ???

Our body needs sugar – agreed and accepted.  But if we have a good wholesome diet our body gets the ‘sugar’ it requires.

From our fresh fruit & vegetables & good carbs that we eat.  Our body definitely does not need the quantities of sugar that one child can consume.

If we take a child that has some ‘cereal’ for breasfast. Like Coco Pops, Frosties, Honey Corn etc etc.

They are packed with sugar.  They say it has Vitamins and Minerals (please note that some boxes used to have it in BOLD in the front saying that it has 9 Vitamins & Minerals – well you wont find it anymore in BOLD in the front – you know why ? Because the public complained that it was false advertising – and they were right & won).

Even if they have ‘added’ vitamins and minerals most of it gets erased by the amount of sugar that is in that cereal.

If you and your family LOVE Coco Pops – have it – but only as a treat – like maybe once a week or something, and be fully aware that there is hardly any Vitamins & Minerals in it.

Make a wise informed decision.

So your child/children have had their ‘sugary cereal for breakfast – they might have a sandwich with cheese spread or even a chocolate spread (because they don’t eat anything else – or because advertisers says it’s a good ‘nutritional’ food) at school.

When they come home they have a Hot Dog for lunch – then maybe they will have a muffin or a biscuit or what you would call a ‘treat’ and then supper – sometimes with a sugary drink or even a ‘fruit juice’ thinking that is the healthy alternative.

Look at what your child/children have consumed for the day – sugar sugar sugar or carbs that turn to sugar in the body.

Poor little body.

Now firstly sugar turns to acid in the body (where acid in the body is a whole different topic all together – which I will cover in the future).

Acid breeds disease – any disease in the body has to have an acidic environment to attach itself with to the body.

Think of acid as a glue in your body …. So you are filling your body (& your child’s body with ‘glue’) so that when any disease or virus crosses its path …. It can ‘stick’.

Sugar = acid = yeast build up.

Sugar = acid = mucous build up.

Yeast or mucous build up = bloatedness, gas, indigestion, sometimes even constipation or diahorrea.

If your body is alkalined – one cannot ‘catch’ anything.

Once again – let me remind you …. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK – there are plenty of articles to back up what I am saying.

There is a fabulous book called ‘The pH Miracle’ – where two doctors alkalined patients (through diet) and brought their bodies to a balance – things like a lung tumour – after 6 weeks – had more than halved in size.

Some early onset diabetes – reversed.

And many more examples are in the book,

Absolutely AMAZING.

We are in control of our body – by what we put in our mouth.

Now sugar has a HUGE part in our hormone production too.

On a simple level – relate it back to the sugar = acid = glue.

Our body needs good ‘oils’ and good quality minerals like zinc, magnesium etc to produce hormones.

Putting huge amounts of sugar into our system – ‘erases’ the good things our body needs – eg oils, vitamins & minerals.

For the ladies … yes sugar cravings are almost ‘normal’ before a menses – it doesn’t mean that it is what your body ‘needs’ – have some good quality protein instead – the craving will go.

Sugar = acid = glue = feeds yeast etc  – which in turn can turn to PCOS & endometriosis  – and many other disorders.

Alkaline – alkaline – alkaline – then there is no ‘glue’ for a disorder to stick too.

I know I am over simplifying it … but I do not want to get too technical – I believe most parents are ‘normal’ people and not professors in pathology.

When the teens are going through puberty – they need all the right ‘fuel’ for the changes their bodies are going to go through.

Sugar puts a HUGE spanner in the process …

If your teen or even yourself suffer with very painful cycles – cut our sugary things (sometimes even very sugary fruit – eg mangos – depending how sensitive your body is to sugar) 5 – 7 days before your cycle – that would include the carbs – and you will see what a difference it will make to your cycle & the pain !!!

But most GPs will probably put you on the Pill or something … and ‘mask’ what your body is trying to warn against – and then it can  become a big problem – like PCOS or anything like that …. One never puts the two and two together and realize your body was trying to ‘warn’ you all along.

We need to listen to our bodies – and not be ‘amazed’ and surprised when it starts breaking down.

Ok … I will end here …. Let me know your thoughts or if there are areas I need to elaborate on …..

Happy living …..


6 thoughts on “Sugar & Homones & the Body

    • Hey GAZA – I guess that is the first step to getting better – just like any addiction – one must realise that they are addicted and deal with it accordingly – otherwise one just makes excuses.

      Good Luck

  1. Hello. I am a mature woman who has a sweet tooth. I understand your suggestion that sugar is bad for us. How then do I control my sugar craving? Sometimes it is so bad that, although I know I am doing harm, it is less important than eating the sweet thing (or starch). After the craving is satisfied I promise myself that I won’t do it againg but I return to the same behavior. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Shelley
      A lot of people seem to have the same problem. One needs to eat regular ‘good’ meals – meals that are low GI and the sugar cravings should become less – if it too late and you already feel like attacking the vending machine – I would strongly suggest a good source of protein – a piece of chicken, some veggie sticks with hummus, almonds etc.

      And especially for lunch – when you have your veg or salad or soup – have a good source of protein too so that you will not have a sugar binge in the afternoon.


  2. I find the more sugar I eat, the more I want. It has a really bad effect though – I get post-nasal drip and phlegm. Then I have to consciously break the sugar habit for a few days to get back on track!
    My herpes sores seem to flare up too – could this be a result of the sugar?
    I also see with my young niece how addictive sugar is. How do you break this addiction in a child?

    • Hello Neo
      Sugar becomes acid in our bodies – no wonder you will have sores flaring up – even if your diet is high in carbs – the carbs become sugar and therefore acid is formed in your body.

      The phlegm and post nasal drip is all signs of high acidity. The other way to look at it is like this –
      The body’s main work is to find a balance – to aim for homeostatic balance – so when we have a virus or bacteria in our system – it goes into full alert and tries to ‘get rid of the enemy’ by producing mucous and try and ‘flush it out’.
      Now when we have sugar – our poor little body goes into that exact mode – it thinks it is under attack … and therefore produces mucous to ‘flush out the enemy’ – meanwhile we keep putting more and more ‘enemies’ into our system – willingly …..
      How sad 😦

      Now with children – they are not born with a taste for sugar – sadly, we as adults have trained them into it.
      My suggestion would be to give good wholesome foods – low GI foods – and be prepared to be consistent. A child will always ask – if they are hungry – give them food – they if want something ‘sweet’ give them a fruit or an organic yogurt.

      When my son was smaller – we had a rule – if he wanted a biscuit or a sweet in the afternoon – he must first have a fruit or a yogart or both abd then he can have his sweet or biscuit – 99% of the time … he didn’t feel like having it.

      So this is what I would suggest – I will be covering some food ideas in the future on this blog…..

      Stay tuned

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