Depression & Teens

This will be a short post and to the point.

Please try as much as you possibly can and not put your teen on an anti depressant.  (I am generalising here and I am no doctor!!)

If something really traumatic has happened – a death – an attack or something along those lines – I am not qualified to tell you how to handle it.

But when it is disappointments and hurts that are all part of growing up – help your teen to grow through them rather than numb themselves and sweep it under the carpet.

It is all building blocks on becoming an adult.

If the teen seems to be depressed – please please please … check the food and the hormones first. (Without going for the easy solution – the contraceptive pill or an anti depressant pill).

Fatty foods (fried foods, take-away food, nutritionally empty food) will put a huge strain on the liver – which (if you have read my previous blogs) will know has a huge role to play in the production of hormones.

So  the liver is overburdened – therefore cannot produce good quality of hormones – which will affect the hormones in our brains, like serotonin & dopamine, therefore affect the moods.

Just like what we like to call ‘baby blues’ – the hormones are all over the place – I wish doctors would rather focus on balancing the hormones – than be too quick to hand out anti- depressants. If one focused on balancing the hormones it would help with the moods,  sleep, the weight etc.

So if you find that your teen is on the verge of depression, or is depressed – please take a good look at their diet!!

I have heard many many people use the argument that our body ‘evolves’ to its environment and therefore will be able to put up with the type of food one eats.

I say – RUBBISH – show me evidence – just cos something might make sense in our brains – doesn’t make it true.  Our body is made up of cells – these cells need a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, good bacteria etc, to grow and function.  It will never happen that a cell will grow and function to its potential with over processed food, bad sugars & fried foods,

If people out there are battling with children & depression – or even adult depression – I am quite happy to make a couple of suggestions – once again – please make an informed decision – I do not recommend you stop medication without supervision from your physician – it is very dangerous to just stop anti depressants.

What happens is that our brain works through ‘habit’ – so if it gets its ‘feel good’ hormones in a tablet form – it doesn’t see the need to produce any – so one needs to wean themselves off – hoping to kick start the brain to make its own.

So stay happy – stay healthy – and stay informed.




2 thoughts on “Depression & Teens

  1. Thanks for another great article. This applies to adult depression too! Many people seem unaware of the connection between what we eat and how we feel. I know sugar is bad – I didn’t realise fried foods were so bad too.

    • Hello Neo – most definately.
      Comfort food brings no comfort at all 😦

      Sometimes we should take note and see – if a lot of us ‘let ourselves go’ over the weekend … is that the reason we feel so miserable on a Monday …. and we like to blame it on the day??

      I have done work in the corporate environment – and there have been many studies on this too – when the canteen offers toasted sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, pies, chips etc – the staff become lethargic and not that productive for the afternoon.

      The companies that offer wholesome foods & wheatgrass shots etc – have their staff a lot more productive in the afternoon.

      I focus on children & teens – but the reason for that is that I work with so many adults and realise that it all had to start somewhere …..
      So if we can help our children and our teens to make good informed decisions and choices – well the future can look a lot brighter 😀

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