Junk Food & Kids

In the USA 30 years ago, the three main childhood diseases were chickenpox, measles & mumps.  Nowadays we contend with cancer, asthma, ADD (attention deficit disorder) & hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).  The rates of ADHD, autism & learning disorders have soared over the last 20 years.  They have found that this health crisis is due to excessive levels of toxic chemicals that children are given to eat.

Junk food gets its name from being made fast, overly processed, laden with chemical synthetics and being devoid of nutrients.  Its what I like to call ’empty food’ – no nutritional value whatsoever, other than starch, fat & bad quality protein.

Convenient or fast food rob our children of what they are really craving – and the more they have the more they want.

Any refined sugar triggers a sugar spike – which can cause addictions in our children.  They hit such dramatic ‘lows’ in their bloodstreams that the quickest way to stop a screaming child is to sedate with whatever is dangling in front of the supermarket tills – or give them what they asking for – which is probably …. MORE SUGAR.

Research has found that the neuro-chemical pathways in the brain created by sugar (& refined carbs), and those created by chemical addictions & alcohol are the same.

It takes more effort to give your children wholesome, home made food – but you are helping them for the rest of their lives.

Convenience for us today, as a parent, is definitely not convenient for our children’s’  future.

(the above extract was taken from a book I have put together & published called “Healthy Kids Guide”).

Stella K


8 thoughts on “Junk Food & Kids

    • Hi Traci … Hee hee … you can get it from me … I am giving a talk on this subject on the 8th Dec in Lonehill … if you keen let me know – I will sms you details 🙂 and then if you come to the talk …. the book is free … otherwise … wow .. it is quite expensive 😀

      Happy day to you
      Stella K

  1. Hi Stells,
    Great info, but leaves me concerned. At which point are you not a kid. Guess I want to know if I have to give up my daily chocie:-{
    Love your work!

    • HI Gaza – (I have no idea where my reply posts go – it seems some have vanished 😦 )

      Anyway …. whether you are a child, teen, adult or a retired person – you have one body – works the same as it is suppose to work – therfore – it applies to you too – regardless of how young your are 😉

      Thanks for reading ….

      Happy day to you

      Stella K

  2. Hi Stella
    Thank you for the great blog. You always provide such valuable information. I would really like a copy of your book please.
    I try really hard to explain to children why all these foods in excessive quantities is so damaging for them. I do direct them and their parents to your blog because the information is short and easy to understand. Thx again.

  3. I have also heard that the chemicals contained in vaccines, like mercury, also contribute to disease, specifically autism. Do you know anything about this?

    • HI Neo
      I am sorry I had replied but I am not sure where it disappeared to 😦

      I am aware of all the warnings that have been going around for almost 15 years now – but I have not done extensive research on it – if you are a parent of a young child – my only advice would be to do your own research and make an informed decision for your family.

      Sella K

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