Energy Drinks

Don’t get tempted in giving your children energy drinks.  Besides that they have high sugar content and colourings, they can contain anything from 46 – 80 mg of caffeine per can, which is as much as a cup of coffee.  No level of caffeine is acceptable for any child.  It is a stimulant (even though mostly used and seemingly the most acceptable one too).  It dehydrates the body and the brain.  Sugar as we know is a ‘no no’ when it is in a refined and concentrated form.  Combine that with a stimulant like caffeine and you have a little ‘duracell’ bunny on your hands.  It produces a false sense of energy.

Energy drinks might look promising, but in the end, they are quiet empty of of real proper nourishment for your child during peak physical and academic performance.  Remember there is no ‘quick fix’ in a bottle or a sachet.  Rather rely on nature’s offerings.  It is only through the basics of sound nutrition, positive mentoring and support, hard work and practice, that children thrive and do their best – physically and academically.

The core values will serve them well and both on and off the field, in and outside the classroom.  What good is it giving the impression that they need something ‘extra’ to perform at their best?  Its a slippery slope that may lead to the use of other performance-enhancing substances.

Be critical when reading labels and consult with natural health orientated medical professional for further advice.

Dont give in to the hype of quick fixes.  Sugar and caffeine are ‘baddies’ when it comes to brain wellness (for children or even adults).

Just something else to keep at the back of your mind … when your child has had sports – or a rugby/soccer game – please do not give them an energy drink, thinking it replenishes the electrolytes that might be depleted.

One of the simplest drinks you can give to your child after sports or a game is some natural grape juice – it replenishes electrolytes and the sugar levels in a healthier way than any energy drink filled with chemicals and unnatural substances.

I hope this has helped many of you for the people that you love so dearly.


Stella K


2 thoughts on “Energy Drinks

  1. What about all the advertisied ‘vitamin B, guarana’ etc. in energy drinks like Red Bull? Don’t these balance out the bad sugar and caffeine?
    Thanks for a great article.

    • Hello Neo
      With something is packed with sugar (artificial sugar) and chemicals – the poor natural ingredients are not effective 😦
      I believe that in some countries red bull comes with a warning label, especially the newer brand that is advertised as ‘stronger’.

      I would suggest that if you wanting a little of ‘vooma’ go for the natural products – the ones that only have natural products like, Vit B’s, guarana, wheatgrass etc.
      In SA – Woolworths, has a brilliant natural energy drink.

      Once again … I would not use the energy drink and eat badly – One should listen to their body – if you are eating a lot of empty nutrient food – naturally you will feel listless – but for a certain time or a period of time – a natural (organic if possible) drink is miles better than a drink filled with chemicals and poisons.

      Have a fabulous day

      Stella K

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